Quick little update

August 11, 2010 - 8:27 pm No Comments

So we launched this thing and then haven’t touched it since. Shame on us! The wedding planning front has been quiet lately. We burned out early, but we also have most of the big stuff out of the way with 13 months to go still. We’re feeling pretty good about that, but now we’re trying to decide where we should go on our honeymoon. We want something that’s more relaxing than adventurous since we’ll probably need to just kick back and take it easy after the wedding. Right now, Hawaii is the front-runner, but we’re open to ideas!

A couple weeks ago, we had a BBQ for our wedding party. The idea was to have everyone meet and get to know each other a bit, but Danielle and I totally dropped the ball on introducing people. Instead, my friends mostly hung out with each other and hers mostly hung out together. I also meant to take pictures of everyone for the site and completely forgot about it. I had my camera and snapped away, but didn’t get individual pictures of most of the party. Fail. I’ll get some pictures of those suckers soon though. Until then, here are a few pictures that I took.

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