About Us

Danielle and Andy can be summed up in a few words: cupcakes, running, and zombies.

They are both foodies that have a shared passion for cupcakes (it was their first date!), but also appreciate a good burrito, slice of pizza, or spicy Thai dish. They’ll try anything once, unless it has mayo on it, or bananas in it. Also somewhat-avid runners, they’ve each completed a handful of 5k’s and a half marathon, and are looking to tortue their bodies more. When not running, eating, or maintaining each of their blogs, you’ll probably find them on Saturday or Sunday mornings at the movies catching the latest flick for half price. Neither Andy or Danielle are cat fans, yet they have a cat, Leela, who is the cutest vicious hoomin killer you’ll ever meet.

If you haven’t met them, just look for the┬ánauseatingly┬ácute couple giggling and only paying attention to each other. And if you have met them, and more importantly are their friend, thanks for stopping by, and more importantly, thanks for putting up with us!