Andy, a Rutgers alum, may be the perfect match for Danielle, but before they met, he grew up in South Jersey, even though he was born in San Diego. He doesn’t remember much though, his parents moved back to Jersey when he was only three years old.

While he’s usually the first one to fall asleep at a party, Andy’s inability to just sit and relax makes him a hard guy to keep up with and it has also given him a horde of different hobbies and interests. First and foremost, Andy is a gadget geek and all-around nerd. Always one to keep up the latest and greatest technology, you can often find Andy tinkering with something on one of his computers. This nerdiness is what lead to him becoming a self-taught software developer at Other interests may take up much of his time now, but don’t be fooled, Andy is also a bit of an indie music snob. In high school, he was most often found attending various punk and indie-rock shows around Philly and Jersey, but in college he actually started his own venue which he ran for a year before becoming Head Music Directer at his college radio station, 90.3 The Core. He has since moved on almost entirely from any added involvement at the radio station, but continues to host The Playlist with The Reverend every Wednesday night at 9pm as well as provide someĀ maintenanceĀ for the software that he developed for the station.

These days, Andy’s biggest hobbies include running, photography, and snowboarding as well as occasionally playing some pick-up soccer and mountain biking. Photography is a newer hobby for him, but you can follow his progression and development on his blog. On the more physically active side of things, he just completed his first half marathon with a time he’s afraid he’ll never be able to beat. Throughout the Summer and Fall seasons, you’ll probably be able to catch him running various 5k races around New Jersey.

And on top of all that, Andy hasn’t met a zombie flick he won’t watch. Yes, he’s a big horror movie fan and has been regularly hosting movie marathon nights every Friday the 13th. He’s even found a way to pass his zombie love off on Danielle and has converted her into a zombie fan too.

If you see Andy any time before, after, and let’s be honest, possibly during the wedding, he’ll probably be wearing a t-shirt from his massive t-shirt collection. It’s true, he has a t-shirt collection that he has officially run out of room to store.