How we met

How Andy and Danielle met isn’t really a very exciting story. In the Summer of 2008, Danielle got her first job after college at, the very same company that Andy had been working at for four months already.

See, that’s not very interesting, but the story of how they started dating is much better. With being such a small company, it would seem almost impossible that Andy and Danielle wouldn’t have a lot of interaction naturally, but that’s actually what happened. Danielle rarely took lunch and worked in a different department. During the first few months, there were only a few short conversations had between the two, most of which involved Danielle laughing at Andy every time he would accidentally hip-check the corner of her desk because he’d round the corner too tightly. Their first real conversation happened via email when Andy jokingly sent a personal response to a group message Danielle had sent. Things seemed fine at first, but after a few emails back and forth, Andy misread Danielle’s peppered sarcasm and started to fear that she was taking him a bit too seriously. Little did he know, Danielle was somehow one of the few people that knew better than to take Andy seriously. This miscalculation set the tone for the next nine months.

Before we go any further, it is important to note that neither Andy nor Danielle were single at this time, but there was no lacking of either of them innocently thinking about the other. Andy thought Danielle was cute, but was afraid that she couldn’t stand him and that if they did get to know each other more, they wouldn’t have anything in common. Andy assumed that because Danielle was a snazzy dresser she was materialistic, and would have no place for a hoodie sporting beardo. Danielle thought Andy was the cutest boy in the company and liked his sense of humor.

Now, back to nine months of awkwardness. After Andy and his girlfriend at the time broke up, he tried to talk to Danielle a little here and there when they would see each other in the hallway, but being the ice-queen that she is, Danielle unintentionally convinced Andy that she had no interest in talking to him in the least. It didn’t help much when Andy tried to convince Danielle that her nickname should be “Playboy,” in honor of Mr. Hefner himself. Danielle suggested Andy just stick with “Heff,” if he was going to call her anything other than her first name. He didn’t.

For whatever reason, Andy stayed persistent and tried to “tone it down” a little around her. He kept trying to talk to her and invite her out for happy hour with the rest of their co-workers. The one time Danielle did take his offer, Andy spent the happy hour glued to is iPhone, and misinterpreted Danielle’s casual conversation starter of “So how’s that iPhone?”. She really just wanted to know, because she was in the market for one herself! Somehow, Andy still wasn’t getting the impression that Danielle had the least bit of interest.

Though they were Facebook friends already, Andy had no idea what kind of “stalking” Danielle took part in on occasion. So the events that happened next were a bit of a shock to him. One night in mid-April 2009, Danielle stumbled upon some recent pictures posted on Andy’s wall from the previous weekend. He had gone into the city with a few friends and posted a couple pictures of some cupcakes that they found at a coffee shop. Well, later that night, Andy creeped into Danielle’s dreams.

She almost didn’t tell Andy about her dream, but decided she would just go ahead and do it, figuring he was easy-going enough that he wouldn’t be (too) creeped out. When the conversation continued on to talking about the bakery chain Crumbs and their newer location in Westfield, Andy knew this was just the perfect conversation to work up the courage to ask Danielle to hang out. So they made plans for later in that same week to get cupcakes together at Crumbs.

Neither of them knew if it was a date, but they both secretly hoped that it was. Danielle talked to a few friends for advice, asking if she should assume it to be a date or not, but was still unsure. As she anxiously awaited Andy’s arrival to pick her up, she was shocked when she heard the doorbell ring at her parents’ house. “This HAS to be a date!” she thought to herself thinking that in this day and age, most people would have sent a text message instead.

After they went to Crumbs and devoured their cupcakes, Andy wasn’t ready for the night to end just yet and asked Danielle to accompany him for a drink. Timidly, Danielle agreed, and after almost four hours and a lot of laughs, it was late and even though Danielle was taking off work the next day, Andy still had to be in. So they called it a night, but before Andy’s head hit the pillow, Danielle sent a text message saying that she had a great time and wanted to do it again soon. It wasn’t until this point that Andy was sure it was a date.

The next day at work Andy spilled the beans to a few co-workers that they had hung out, and he was definitely interested. Since Danielle had the day off, Kierstin (one of their co-workers and wedding party member) immediately called Danielle to tell her someone in the office had the hots for her. Over the course of the following weekend, hundreds of text messages were sent back and forth while Danielle was visiting friends in Scranton. Through these texts Andy and Danielle started to get to know each other very quickly and plans were made for a second date that Monday night.

After dinner at a local sushi place, Danielle accompanied Andy back to his apartment for a little while, which is where Andy went in for their first kiss. Most of Danielle’s friends know she has a lazy eye, or as it’s fondly called, googley. Well, Andy hadn’t been let in on the secret yet. As Andy snuck in for the kill, Danielle turned to look at him, and her eye shot off in a different direction. And immediately thought she was giving him a dirty look so he pulled back and muttered “Well, that was awkward.” Having no idea what she did wrong, Danielle quickly realized her lazy eye had scared him off! After a brief explanation, they shared their first, yet still a little awkward, kiss.

It’s pretty safe to say they were inseparable from that moment on, gallivanting through Philadelphia, New Brunswick, and New York City, making sure to devour cupcakes whenever possible. Things moved pretty quickly and a mere month and a half later, they moved in together. From there, it was only another eight months before Andy popped the big question and they were engaged!

I guess you could say Andy is the man of Danielle’s dreams!