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Bridesmaid Dresses: A mission in itself

March 6, 2011 - 5:42 pm No Comments

Danielle had grand plans for her bridesmaid dresses – pick a designer and a color, and let the girls run free in terms of dress style. Well, that proved to be more difficult that originally thought, since the color green she and Andy were planning as their main color was hard to come by. This sent Danielle into a downward spiral of epic proportions, doubting her decision on the color, the theme of the day, and almost every other decision she had made up to that point. Thanks to the calm demeanor of Andy and her mom, things started to turn around.

After a trip to Macy’s, where the manager of the bridal boutique was a fantastic help, Danielle had decided on a designer (Alfred Sung), dress style, fabric, and most importantly, perfect green color. Never proving easy, though, her sister Kate wasn’t a fan of the dress style. Thankfully, the designer had a few other dresses available in the fabric and color Danielle picked out, so Kate was able to get something different. Frequently the maid of honor has something to designate herself from the other bridesmaids anyway, so Kate’s dress should do the trick.

While at Macy’s Danielle stumbled upon the perfect party dress. Since they were having a sale, she snagged that, which she’s planning to wear for the rehearsal dinner. Her mom also found her dress, so needless to say the two trips to Macy’s proved to be some of the most productive yet!

The next task at hand, however, seems somewhat daunting – flowers. Neither Danielle or Andy have a “favorite” flower, which is what every florist they’ve talked to has asked first. Not only do they not have a favorite, they really don’t know anything about flowers. So, this should prove to be an interesting experience. Thankfully, though, Danielle and Andy are managing to keep their cool, and fit in time to make these big decisions with their busy schedule.

Stay tuned!