The reason this site even exists

It didn’t take very long before Andy knew that it just didn’t get any better than Danielle and she was the only one for him. Andy “just knew” after only a few weeks of being with Danielle, so after only eight months of being together, he started shopping for an engagement ring.

He knew he needed a little help with reconnaissance to find out just what kind of ring Danielle wanted. For this, he enlisted the help of co-worker and bridesmaid Kierstin. Knowing that Kierstin would be able to pretend like she was looking for rings for herself, Andy put his faith in her. The plan worked and Danielle had no idea. Kierstin was able to get Danielle’s thoughts on ring styles and provide Andy with everything he needed to find the perfect ring…except her ring size.

Unfortunately for Andy, Danielle didn’t even know her ring size herself so Andy had to get a little risky. When Andy and Danielle took a trip to the mall for some Christmas shopping, he knew this would be his one shot. While Danielle was looking at some necklaces in the department store jewelry section, Andy pretended to like a ring that he saw on the same display. He tried to slip it on Danielle’s finger to “see what it would look like” and when it was obviously too big, he suggested they get her finger sized, just so “they would know.” Danielle took the bait and Andy was ready with everything he needed.

Andy is not the type of person that knows anything about jewelry or diamonds, but he did his homework and visited just about every jewelry store in the area. This was not an easy task given that Andy and Danielle both work and live together. A few white lies may have been told, but it was all for the greater good of keeping the secret safe until proposal time.

Once Andy had the ring, he hid it safely in sock drawer and started the search for the perfect ring box. This wasn’t an easy task, it may have even been harder than finding the ring itself. He knew he wanted to pull the ring out in a cupcake shaped box, but finding something just the right size proved difficult. After weeks of searching the internet and making a few calls, he found a cupcake shaped charm box on eBay. Though, it wasn’t until he had already purchased and received it that he knew if it was big enough to hold the ring.

The final step to preparing the perfect proposal was putting together the actual proposal itself. Andy knew from the moment he decided he wanted to marry Danielle that the proposal had to be done in Disney World. Danielle made it no secret that Disney was her favorite place on Earth. Not accidentally, the two had already booked a trip to Disney at the end of the following month.

Andy’s first call to Disney for proposal information turned out to be an epic fail. The representative he spoke with told him that the park didn’t do anything special for such an occasion and that he was mostly on his own. Andy was a little discouraged, but was up to the task of figuring it out himself…that is until he found out that he had been completely misinformed.

Andy and Danielle had tried to book character dining at Cinderella’s Round Table a couple of months prior, but were disappointed to find that everything had already been booked up. Well, for some odd reason, Andy decided to just try it again and see if anyone had canceled. They hadn’t. However, on this trip to the Disney site, he found exactly what he needed to make this proposal as magical as possible. He sent a few emails, made a few calls, and got them squeezed in for dinner at Cinderella’s Round Table in Cinderella’s Castle on the second night of their trip.

With the ring procured and the plans finalized thanks to the help of some wonderful Disney employees, Andy was ready to make this happen. All of this was pulled off while Danielle had absolutely no idea…until an almost disastrous finding by Danielle just a couple of weeks before the wedding. After Andy had told Danielle that he was able to get them a reservation for dinner at Cinderella’s Round Table, she did the same thing she does every time she has plans to eat somewhere, she went online to peruse the menu. It was at this moment that Danielle saw exactly the same thing that Andy had found online and immediately sent him a link exclaiming about how amazing it would be. Andy knew he would have to do some damage control here and quickly diffused the situation, but not without almost crushing Danielle’s dreams.

As dinner at the castle approached, Andy was nervous. He just knew Danielle would say “yes,” but he was afraid he was going to trip all over his words. In fact, he still didn’t even know what he was going to say. Still, Andy was relieved knowing that all of his work was going to pay off soon. But mostly, he was relieved that he would soon be able to get the ring out of his camera bag. He had been keeping the ring tucked in the bottom of the bag all trip, knowing that that was one place it was not only safe from Danielle finding it, but also safe from being lost. Though, every time he took his camera out, he had to take special care to make sure that the ring stayed put underneath the sock it was hidden in.

As Andy and Danielle waited for their table, they had their picture taken with Cinderella, as every guest at the Round Table does. As they stood on either side of Cinderella awaiting the photographer to take the picture, they were asked to what they were celebrating. With such little time left to keep the secret–Andy had almost blown it a few times already–he almost slipped and said it was their engagement, but was able to get the right words out just in time. They were “celebrating their love for each other.” To this day, Danielle makes fun of Andy for saying it, but, to be fair, it was true.

Throughout the course of dinner, Danielle still seemed to have no idea, but after the meal was finished, Andy knew it was time and hoped that everything would go as planned. He had been assured that everything would be kept secret from Danielle until just the right moment. The waitress came by, after having been MIA for quite some time, to tell Andy and Danielle that dessert would be out shortly, but that they were waiting for the Fairy Godmother to come by and do a little show first. Moments later, Andy saw the photographer making her way over to their table and knew it was time. However, Danielle also saw the same photographer and was starting to get a little suspicious, but couldn’t get it all put together quick enough.

From here, everything went exactly according to plan. The waitress brought over a plate covered in rose petals and topped with a custom engraved glass slipper. On one side, “Andy & Danielle” and on the other “Will you marry me?” with the date engraved on the sole of the slipper. Having not been able to decide what he was going to say beforehand, Andy simply pulled out the cupcake charm box with the ring inside, opened it up, and asked Danielle “will you marry me?” Though, it took until the second time he said this before she was able to put together the words…err, word…to say “yes.” To date, this was the happiest moment of Andy’s entire life.

After the proposal, Andy and Danielle received an apology from the waitress for avoiding their table as much as possible, but she was afraid she was going to blow the whole thing. Lucky for her, she only had to keep the secret for about an hour.

With the ring on Danielle’s finger and giddiness all around, it was time for dessert. Andy had the restaurant make a custom cupcake for Danielle that was presented on a plate with words “I love you” written in chocolate around it. Andy and Danielle washed down the cupcake with some non-alcoholic champagne in their very own Cinderella’s Round Table wine flutes.

In addition to all of this, they were given “Just Engaged” pins to wear for the rest of the trip all over the park. Andy and Danielle wore the pins proudly and were congratulated by nearly every Disney employee they passed, in addition to a handful of nice, but random strangers.