Wedding party

The big suckers…

Kate – Maid of Honor
As the wonderful younger sister of Danielle, Kate has spent much of her time like her sister, swimming. A fashion, music, and food enthusiast, Kate graduated from Westfield High school in 2010, and is currently attending The University of Rochester where she’s majoring in Neuroscience and a member of the swim team. Fondly known as “mom” by both her friends and family, you can count on Kate to be the sarcastic and blunt voice of reason.

Devin – Best Man
Andy’s younger brother Devin grew up with the nickname “Spazz,” but these days this couldn’t be further from the truth. Devin is a night owl and spends most of his time hanging out with the family dog, but shares Andy’s same sense of humor. In the Spring of 2009, Devin accompanied Andy on a trip to London and Paris.

The ladies…

Kierstin – Bridesmaid
A co-worker to both Danielle and Andy, Kierstin is a vegetarian who eats more than lettuce (gasp!), and shares a similar love for food and running. When not training for the yearly Milltown 4th of July 5K or cooking up delicious veggie recipes, Kierstin can be found reading and taking care of her wonderful bunny, Carrot.

Gina – Bridesmaid
Always one to take care of Danielle during their Scranton days, Gina and Danielle lived together three out of their four years in college. A former member of the swimming team, Gina has been witness to some of Danielle’s more interesting moments, and has always been there for a good laugh (or cry)! As the girl who brought the Booty Drop to Scranton Swimming, outside of fundraising and walking and running to help find a cure for Breast Cancer, Gina can be found crunching numbers as an accountant.

Casey – Bridesmaid
A recent graduate of the School Counseling Masters program at The University of Scranton, Casey also lived with Danielle both their Junior and Senior year at 423 N. Webster. Somehow always missing the drama, Casey often found herself playing therapist or mediator. A former swimmer herself, Casey sympathized with Danielle and her humogo shoulders and pungent chlorine smell. You can count on Casey to be there for you, listen, and give her honest opinion.

Lauren – Bridesmaid
Since she’s a registered nurse, you can count on Lauren to provide you with sound medical advice and some of the cutest and fun scrubs around. She’s creative and fashion forward, and enjoys cooking (with the coveted KitchenAid stand mixer!), going dancing and watching scary movies while both Danielle and Casey cringe. Danielle and Lauren were housemates both their Junior and Senior year at the University of Scranton at 423 N. Webster, and they spent many a night owning the dance floor of the local bars.

Stephanie – Bridesmaid
Also a fellow Scranton Swimming alumni and former housemate of 423 N. Webster, Stephanie recently received her BSN degree, and is currently pursing her MSRN degree as well. An animal lover that has a few cats and dogs, Stephanie also enjoys spending time attending Philadelphia sports games, playing golf, and rocking the dance floor.

The dudes…

Joe – Groomsman
Joe is one of Andy’s oldest friends and if weren’t for him, Andy would only know a fraction of the music that he is into. Andy and Joe became friends when Andy was in 10th grade and Joe was a high school senior. They shared a class together and Joe’s backpack full of punk rock patches attracted Andy’s attention as he was still just getting into music. From there, Joe shared his wealth of music knowledge and exposed Andy to much of the music he listened to then and still does today. When the two of them weren’t at punk shows in Philly, they were at the Medport Diner in Medford.

James – Groomsman
When Andy and James first met in high school, a friendship was the last thing anyone would have expected, neither could stand the other. But senior year, everything changed and the two of them became great friends. Like Andy, James shares interests in mountain biking and gadgets, but supplements these with a passion for cars and fish and chips. James is English by birth, but don’t expect more than a light accent, he’s spent the second half of his life in the States.

Basil – Groomsman
Basil is easily the most laid-back of the entire wedding party. Andy met Basil at through his work at the radio station during college, but it took Basil almost a year before he even wanted to admit that he knew Andy. He has made the rounds through a few positions at his job at Wegman’s, but is also currently working on finishing up his college education at Rutgers. Basil still hosts a weekly radio show on 90.3 The Core called Impromptu. If you want to ensure maximum entertainment at the wedding reception, stick near this guy, but listen closely, his best jokes are said very quietly and rarely repeated.

Chris – Groomsman
While Chris and Andy used to work together at SHI, their bromance didn’t really take off until after Andy left the company. Lucky for Chris, Andy isn’t a baseball fan otherwise his Yankees obsession might cause some problems. Chris likes to pass his time by playing soccer and emailing Andy regarding the latest in the Apple stock price rollercoaster.

John – Groomsman
Like Kierstin, John is a co-worker of Andy and Danielle. When he can’t be found at the gym pumping mad reps, chances are he is helping out at an Elvis impersonator show or doing yard-work for his mother. John might be lactose intolerant, but that doesn’t stop him from eating cheese all the time. Thanks to John’s loose lips, Andy’s intentions were no surprise to Danielle on their first few dates.

The enabler…

Rob – Officiant
Rob may technically not be a member of the wedding party, but being a friend close enough to actually perform Andy and Danielle’s ceremony, he deserves a mention here. Rob and Andy met in 2001 at 90.3 The Core, the same as Basil. Rob was a former General Manager of the radio station who somehow turned an art degree into a career as a broadcast engineer. At the time, Rob worked for local radio station Magic 98.3, but has since moved on to provide engineering for WCBS AM in NYC. After the ceremony, you’ll probably catch Rob trying to find a way to work radio talk into every conversation he takes part in.